The Rainbow Cake

Almost everyday I spend at least a good hour going through Pinterest (Here’s a link to my boards) looking at all the amazing pictures others have pinned. Most of the time I go through pictures of, yes you guessed it, cakes and other heavenly baked goodies. It’s always fun to see what is out there!


And so one fine day I came across a pin on Whisk Kid‘s Super Epic Rainbow Cake. O.M.G. My jaw literally dropped when I saw the pictures of the cake. A rainbow cake. For real. 6 layers of color. Vibrant colors. Suddenly I wish I was 6 again and instead of the marble cake my mum had baked for my birthday, which she claims to be a rainbow cake (Sorry Mom! I love your cakes but this is too awesome!! :P ), she’d bake me this cake instead. And with that I would be the proudest girl amongst all her friends. I’d show off pictures of my Super Awesome Super Rainbow Cake (I wouldn’t share it with them because I’d want it all to myself!). This cake is every kid’s dream come true. That my friends is a ticket to being the most awesome person ever!


So me being me, I embarked on a mission to reproduce this cake! I followed the recipe stated in the blog. However, I didn’t go all out with the colors and made mine a lighter color. Mine also had only 5 layers instead of 6 and I think I should also mention this was my first time stacking cakes! I actually baked 5 separate cakes!



I definitely need to work on smoothing out my frosting! :D Of course I added some piping details to the cake (mainly to cover up the imperfection of the frosting!). However imperfect my cake looked like, I gotta say, it sure did taste like a million bucks!


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