Eggless Chocolate Cake with Balsamic Strawberries

Every now and then you get a craving for cake and in you go into your kitchen and whip something up. I too, had a craving. For  something chocolate. Something moist. Chocolate cake with vanilla buttercream/frosting. Mmm… So, I decided to put together a few recipes I have tried and tested, and voila! There you have it the Eggless Chocolate Cake with Balsamic Strawberries.


The eggless chocolate cake is from the same recipe as my previous post. The balsamic strawberry is adapted from this beautiful post here. You really should only use it as a guide. Cut as many strawberries, use as much sugar and balsamic vinegar you want. It’s really all to your taste! Also, don’t leave the balsamic strawberry unattended! I kinda got distracted and BOOM! My pot of balsamic strawberries turned into pot of burnt sugar and strawberries! IT WAS A NIGHTMARE! Especially cleaning the pot after! Of course, after the tragedy, had to make a second batch! Also, another advice would be to add in cream a little by little while also adding the balsamic strawberries in. This way you can control how much of cream vs balsamic strawberries you want.


As for the frosting, I wanted pure white frosting. I know in the US, Crisco is used widely in replace of butter to achieve the white frosting. However, in Australia, we don’t have Crisco :( (Well, you can get it from USA Foods from Moorabbin. I just got mine!) But we do have Copha! Tada! I took the risk to use Copha here and boy, oh boy! It’s a freaking rock! The best you can do is to get it to room temperature as close as possible before whisking it. It actually scared me a lot! I was actually afraid that my hand mixer was gonna blow off on me! But wow, after icing the cake up, it really does look really pretty and tastes good too!

I used one whole block of Copha with 100g butter and icing sugar to taste along with 1 tsp vanilla essence and some milk.

Beat Copha and butter first till they’re smooth. Then add in the vanilla essence and beat again. Once combined, add in icing sugar bit by bit. Add in milk along with icing sugar. Make sure to also pour the milk in bit by bit to the consistency you require it to be.

The end result of the cake was just wow! I took some to work and the container was just super clean! Everyone was mostly amazed that the cake is actually eggless and so moist at the same time!

20130414_002537Give it a go and tell me how did yours turn out to be!

P.S: I am baking this one again in the coming week for a friends birthday party of 10! I am so excited and can’t wait! Will definitely put up pictures!!!!



For the cake, recipe is here. Make sure to double the quantity to bake two separate cakes to be layered.

For Balsamic Strawberries in Cream, recipe is here.

For frosting:

1 block of Copha (250g)

About 100g butter

4 cups icing sugar (less or more to taste)

1 tsp vanilla essence

4 tbs milk (or more to the consistency desired).



1. Beat Copha and butter till well combined.

2. Add in vanilla essence and mix till is well combined

3. Add in sugar bit by bit and continue mixing.

4. If the icing sugar combination becomes too dry and hard to work with, start adding milk here, bit by bit.

5. Add in rest of icing and milk to the desired consistency.

6. Frost your cake and pipe as desired!


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