Rose Cake

Rose Cake

So, in my previous post, I mentioned that I will be baking a birthday cake for two very dear friends of mine. Bake I did. Layered the cake? Did that. Decorated? Check. Blow their minds? Certainly did that!

She wanted the same chocolate cake with balsamic strawberries and cream. So I baked the same eggless chocolate cake (why fix something that’s not broken?). Doubled the recipe, baked in two separate tins. Sliced them into halves to get the 4 layers. Made the balsamic strawberries, added them into whipped cream. layered the cake. Iced it.

20130511_144534 20130511_144639

When it came to decorating, I wanted to make this cake look elegant yet girly. So I decided I shall pipe roses onto the cake. The rose cake originated from I am Baker. She is this fabulous lady with fabulous decorating skills. Simple and easy is her way and I am in love with her. :D  Check out her rose cake here! Go on admit it, it actually makes you wanna try it out. So I did! Armed with my 1M tip, I piped away! Soft pink roses all over the cake. Oh, the joy of seeing perfectly formed roses on the cake!

20130511_090134 20130511_093739

The best part is that it doesn’t need to be perfect! and the gaps that appear on the cake, you fill them up! No, it doesn’t spoil the look of the cake, IT LOOKS AMAZING!!!! To finish the whole cake, I poured some edible glitter onto the top of the cake. Oh. My. God. The cake looked absolutely FABULOUS! Ok, ok, so I am gloating. But I bet you would be too once you try it out! Take a look at it and please don’t forget to comment!

6 thoughts on “Rose Cake

  1. Oh so pretty!!!!! I would almost hate to cut into it….. but I would to get to that drool worthy center

    1. Haha! I know what you mean! It is sooo beautiful especially with the glitter over the roses and the best part is definitely the layered chocolate cake with balsamic strawberries and cream! Hope you will give it a try and enjoy it as much as I did!

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