I’m back!

Firstly, I am soooo sorry I’ve been missing in action for the longest time ever. Secondly, HAPPY NEW YEAR my lovely blog readers… or have you gone and disappeared on me??? :(

Work has been super duper tremendously busy that by the time I come home I just want to crash on my bed! Having said that, although I haven’t been updating the blog, I have been doing some baking from time to time – birthday cakes, cupcakes, i-just-need-to-have-the-smell-of-freshly-baked-cake-in-the-house cake, anniversary cakes as well as a very special malaysian delight which is not a baked good per say but still very much satisfies your sweet tooth.

I do promise to upload all this recipes up here for the greater good of humanity. So that everyone can enjoy what I have been enjoying while being ridiculously M.I.A =D So till then, bake away!!!


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