Rainbow Ruffle Cake

Back in September last year, my husband celebrated his 31st. We decided to have a small little do at home with family and close family friends. They had volunteered to bring in the food and all I had to do was to prepare the birthday cake. I have to admit that ever since I made that Rose Cake, it had been making a lot of appearances here and there. So this time I told myself I will try something different. 

I have seen a lot of ruffle cakes on the internet. To be more specific, on Pinterest. Yes, I LOVE PINTEREST. You know all those memes about how if my job was actually to be on Pinterest I’d totally kick ass? Yeah, I’d do more than kick ass. It’s so good! If you aren’t already on it, I suggest you check it out right now. But be sure to wary it comes with a warning. A warning of addiction! If you do have Pinterest, I am very sure you totally get what I am talking about. Oh, also, follow me here!

Ok, so to get back on the topic of the cake, I went on searching pictures of this ruffle cake. I have to say most of them used fondant to create the ruffles. I don’t particularly like using fondant because firstly – I haven’t found one that’s vegan friendly and as I’ve mentioned before in one of my posts, most of our circle of friends and family are strict vegetarians. Hence, fondant is out of the question. Miraculously I stumbled upon this blog where she had made this super tremendously gorgeous ruffle cake with buttercream! I dont know why I hadn’t come across her blog before, but you definitely have to check it out. She has some amazing cake designs. So I followed the steps mentioned in her blog and created a ruffle cake.

For the cake itself, I thought I’d skip the the whole chocolate cake thing i’ve got going now for a while now and try something different. If my ruffle were gonna be white and simple, I’d want something interesting inside! Like a pop of colours! When me and my sisters were just kids, my mum used get us all excited by baking us what she calls a ribbon cake. Now what the cake really was is a mixture of coloured vanilla butter cake. when you cut into it you see bright pink, blue, yellow, green all swirled in perfection! So that’s exactly what I baked. I used the recipe given here but instead of baking it in a microwave, I put mine in an oven at 180 degrees for 20 minutes. What you can do is set your timer for 15 minutes and test the cake with a toothpick or clean knife to see if the cake is ready.

For the ruffles, instead of using swiss meringue buttercream, I made a batch of plain buttercream using butter, icing, vanilla essence and some thick cream. NOTE: add the cream one table spoon at a time to control the consistency of the buttercream. I think I may have used a little too much of cream because my buttercream was alittle soft. BUT it did taste sooo good that it didn’t really bother me! so the ruffles were not as pretty as Jessica’s but I am pretty proud the result! The combination of the cake and the buttercream was so tasty! 

*Sorry I don’t have better quality pictures! I was in a rush and only managed to click some from my phone!







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