Made in Heaven Pretzels

Hello everybody! After a long absence (for the second time, i know!) I’m finally back with a recipe you are going to love me for! So I was browsing some websites randomly, can’t really remember now how it all started but then I came across this most glorious website and there it was this link “Hot Buttered Fluffy Pretzels“. The title itself was enough to me drool. Be warned, once you click the link, be warned that you are going to drool and dream about them all day till you finally decide to make ’em and have that melting butter fluffy pretzel in your mouth. Oh my yum. I was in the office when I saw this and gone was my day because all I did all day was dream about these pretzels. I loveeee cinnamon pretzels. The combination of hot butter and cinnamon sugar. Mmmm… Just follow the link above and bake away! If you want to bake some with cinnamon sugar, then I’d say not to add the sea salt before baking the pretzels.

For the cinnamon sugar, just use half a cup of sugar (castor or raw castor) and a tsp of cinnamon and voila! For the yeast, you can use Instant Dried Yeast like I did – as per the recipe, Instant Dried Yeast can be added directly to the dough ingredients.

The best part of this recipe is that IT IS SO EASY! I literally did everything within an hour or so and it was so much fun brushing the pretzels with the hot melted butter and dunking them in the cinnamon sugar. Seriously, give it a try, you wont regret it!IMG_20140922_201315 IMG_20140922_205603 IMG_20140922_211844 IMG_20140922_212511 IMG-20140922-WA0014

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