Easter Cupcakes with Nutella filling


Happy Easter everyone! Hope all of you had a great easter and an absolute wonderful long weekend. This post comes a tad late (Okay, too late) for Easter, but I just had to share this with all of you. Over the long weekend, I was so tempted to pig out on some cupcakes and decided to make my own. I had previously had a Nutella muffin from a cafe during a coffee break at work and I have to say, the muffin looked so deceiving. It didn’t look attractive at all but boy-oh-boy did it taste amazing or what! it had a Nutella center – a big fat chunk of it. So when deciding what cupcakes to make, it was pretty much a done deal to have a Nutella center.


So I experimented by mixing up a batch of Vanilla cupcakes batter. I spoon half of the batter into the cupcake liners, then added a a generous scoop (using a teaspoon) of Nutella into it followed by the remaining batter. Then take a tooth pick and poke it in the mixture and swirl it around a little and pop it into the oven. I have to say that my cupcake liners were pretty filled up and this resulted in the cupcakes overflowing onto the tin and most of the cupcakes ended up being “connected” to each other. I had to use a serrated knife to shape it up once they were out of the oven and cooled down. Not very pretty but oh well, they were gonna end up in my tummy anyways! :P Also, because Nutella has oil in it, the cupcake ended up being pretty oily from the center to the base but it did get better once the cupcakes were left overnight.


So for the decoration, I beat some butter and icing sugar together with vanilla essence and milk, and added some green coloring to it. I used Wilton piping tip 233 (grass tip) to form some grass on the cupcake – not your typical grass because the buttercream was a little too soft, the grass weren’t standing >_< However, the buttercream tasted so delicious I didn’t want to change it so I compromised on the look of the grass! Add some Cadbury MiniEggs to them and you have these   pretty looking cupcakes.

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