Fun Easter Cupcakes


Happy Easter everybody! Hope everyone had a blessed holiday and a great time. I definitely enjoyed my 4-day long weekend. It was glorious! Meeting up with friends, shopping, catching up with family and I even managed to squeeze in some time for baking! Who am I kidding? There’s always time for baking! A friend of my husband’s invited us over for Easter to his place and it was a pot-luck dinner. Obviously I chose to bring dessert and by dessert I mean cupcakes and by cupcakes I mean EASTER THEMED CUPCAKES (duh!) !!!

So I have been following this beautiful lady by the name of Manuella on Instagram (you can follow her on @passionforbaking). You should see her work, its absolutely beautiful! Everything is so pretty! Not only is she on Instagram, but she also has her own website, Passion for Baking, where she generously shares her beautiful recipes. So I came across this recipe of Vanilla Cupcakes with Marshmallow Frosting on her website and the frosting just looked sooo glorious that I instantly wanted to try it out. Even the method of baking the vanilla cupcakes is something new to me so I thought why not try this out?! With a little adjustment here and there, I made these into my Easter Cupcakes!


The recipe for the cupcakes and frosting can be found here. Now you will need a candy thermometer for this as the frosting requires us to monitor the temperature of the sugar that we’re dissolving over heat.

For my Easter themed cupcakes, what I did was I added half a cup of sprinkles (or you can add more if you wish, there is never a limit :D ) and I crushed a whole bag of Cadbury Mini Eggs (125g). By crush I mean I transferred the eggs to a ziplock bag and using a pestle or anything heavy that you have (even a jar), you hit on the chocolates till they split. Then you add this and the sprinkles as a final step into the batter and whisk to combine together.


Also, the recipe in the link mentions to leave the oven at 180 degrees Celcius. However, because I have a fan forced oven, I turned my oven on at 160 degrees Celcius and baked for 40 mins instead of 20 mins – I rotated the tray from front to back in the second half just to ensure they are all cooked evenly. You should always check if the cupcakes are done after the 20 min mark – just in case since different oven have different temperaments.

I chose a simple pipped rosette topped off with some chocolate eggs. Simple designs are always a winner for me. The final product actually tasted so good especially with the cake having sprinkles and chocolate eggs that is gooey after baked. Everyone just loved it and the cupcakes were a hit if I must say so myself! :D


You can actually replace the chocolate eggs with any other chocolate confectionary – there are no limits! Of course, Easter is not the only occasion for these cupcakes. Play around with it and it may even fit a baby shower or a birthday party! You don’t even need an occasion to try these out. Go ahead and give it a try!


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